Art Specifications / Templates

We do not offer a Graphic Design / artwork correction service so it is important that your artwork is set up correctly to our templates and specifications.

Delays will occur if your artwork is set up incorrectly and we accept no responsibility for errors contained / supplied in your artwork.


  • Your artwork must be supplied as high resolution PDF files, CMYK, 300 DPI minimum.
  • Fonts and images need to be embedded and outlined (converted to curves) before saving.
  • Artwork must be set to the official Zenith templates below and sent as one file.
  • Artwork supplied on any other template will not be accepted.
  • Files must be in PDF form with the template removed.
  • Supply with artwork right up to the bleed lines.
  • Supply 2 x clearly labelled art files for the centre labels i.e. SIDE A / SIDE B
  • Artwork is FINAL once sent so please ensure there are no spelling / grammatical / design errors. Any requests to resupply artwork after it has been printed will incur another print charge.
  • Spine text typically reads from top to bottom. 
  • Spot gloss or specialty foiling must be on a seperate layer from artwork.
  • Print proof requests must be submitted at the beginning of your job, and will incur an extra cost.


7″ Labels
7″ Labels-Large Hole
7″ Sleeve (Foldover)
7″ Sleeve (Pocket) 186mm Wide
7″ insert


12″ Labels
12″ Sleeve-3mm-Spine
12″ Sleeve-5mm-Spine (double)
12″ Sleeve (Gatefold) – Double or Single
12″ Inner Sleeve (No Spine)
12″ Single Page Insert