Coloured Vinyl

We offer any number of different colours for Vinyl Record Pressing. Coloured Vinyl adds an additional cost of 30% to the record component cost, owing to the additional cost of coloured vinyl and the “washup” charge associated with cleaning and purging our PVC extruder

Our Colour range will change depending on what our PVC compounders can offer, and what we can hold in stock. Our PVC (vinyl) is all compounded and manufactured locally and we generally try to introduce new colours when we place a bulk order every couple of months. Stocks of coloured PVC can be limited so please contact Zenith prior to ordering to confirm availability and quantity

Presently (as of March 2019) we can offer the following coloured vinyl.

We can also do splatters which cost an additional $1.50 for 7″ records and $1.85 for 12″ records. Please enquire with our Sales and Support staff to discuss options and possibilities. Please note that with splatter records, we cannot guarantee matching mock ups or samples pictured. Our aim is to ensure we achieve good sounding records and the splatter process can introduce additional noise.

Turnaround times and order info can be found here: HOW TO SUBMIT AN ORDER

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